Chapter 2: Episode 3 – HALF GAME



Episode Date: March 26, 27, & 28, 2019

Join us as we embark on a whole new book in the epic saga of Larpworks Presents: Mordavia.

Door tickets are 60.00 but you can grab them online and RSVP at the same time for a 5.00 discount!

Please be aware that no refunds or returns are allowed and all sales are final.

RSVP ONLY Tickets become unavailable the FRIDAY the week before the event.

Please use the discount code MORDAVIACREW if you would like to sign up for crew for an additional 5.00 discount.

If you use this code and do not sign up or perform crew shifts, Larpworks staff reserves the right to collect the 5.00 given as a discount at a later time.

Please only use the code MORDAVIACREW if you have played the game before, otherwise Larpworks will collect 5.00 at Check-in

Mordavia is an 18+ only game.